We can obtain most movement parts but new cases and bracelets are not available .

Enicar now have a modern range of battery and mechanical watches see some here

The story of the Manufacture d’Horlogerie Enicar S.A. started in 1914, with the watchmaker Ariste Racine responsible for the foundation of the watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The business objective was the production of lever watches with a wide palette of movements ranging from 4 to 17 lignes. But Racine did not stay long in the Jura uplands; by the mid-twenties the firm had its headquarters in Lengnau. Here Racine specialized in sports watches under his trademark, AR, framed in a pentagon. Finished movements without cases were also exported to the New World. In around 1962, Enicar took up the production of its own automatic movements. Calibers in the 112x (11 1/2″‘) and 114x (11 3/4″‘) series were called “Rubirotor”. The “Sherpa” name given to hard-wearing sports watches has a more precise connotation. In 1956, members of a Swiss Himalayan expedition relied on Enicar timepieces, and their expectations were fully met. From then on the Enicar collection included such models as the “Sherpa Time”, “Sherpa Ultradive”, “Sherpa Star”, “Sherpa Jet” and “Sherpa” chronographs in various executions.

Example watches from this Older Swiss watch Company

Enicar sherpa divers watch in steel screwback case with internal rotatble bezel froom the late 60s
Enicar Sherpa Star
gold-plated 25 Jewels Movement,
 Cal. A R 197 C ( Enicar), Rotorwind,Shock Protection “Incabloc”,Switzerland, ca. 1972 
Jet – Graph Sherpa 300 30-Minute and 12 Hour Register,17 Jewels Movement,Caliber 72 (Valjoux),Shock Protection “Incabloc”Switzerland, ca. 1963