We are able to Service and repair this brand and fit battery and reseal where required.
We may NOT be able to  fit  genuine parts such as  original glasses , crowns

Movement parts are available for most Bulova watches
Bulova straps and bracelets are NOT available

Website http://www.bulova.com/

Models and information about Bulova

Watch Guide Watch Style

Accutron ( see our page for these models )

Spaceview II/AccuQuartz 26B03, 27B52, 28B61, 27B53, 26B04, 28B62
Accutron Alarm Chrono 26B05, 27B54, 28B63
Accutron Spaceview 21 26B06,28B64
Accutron Chrono 26E02/03, 26B16/19/21, 27B59/60, 26B26


General Watch Setting Guide
1/20 Split Second Chronograph 96B11, 96B16, 96B22, 98G04, 98G06, 98G41, 98G44
Solar Watch 98G03, 98M89
Solar Chrono 98G02
Millennia Vibra-Alarm 96A06, 98A47, 98A48, 98A49, 98A51
Millennia Motion Quartz 96B17, 98G36, 98G37, 98G38, 98G56, 98G57
Millennia Motion Quartz Chrono 98G54, 96B34
Chronograph/Date 96B43, 96B44
Millennia Time Zone or “World Time” 98G66, 98G67
Millennia Perpetual Calendar 96C10, 98C56
Bulova Alarm Chrono 96B56, 98G70, 98G72
Bulova Ladies’ Chrono 96L36
Bulova Large Digital/Analog 96C12
Tidewatch 96B85
1/10 Split Second Chrono 96B90/91, 63B00/01, 63B10, 65B01, 96G08/09
Bulova Alarm 96B86/87, 98G95/96, 98H01, 97B50, 65M00, 65B06
Autodate Chrono Alarm 96B98, 96B99, 96G07
Bulova Alarm/Chrono/Timezone 96B62,98G82


Chronograph 45A01, 45A02, 45A03, 45A04
Caravelle Analog/Digital-T200 43C01
Animated Digital 40C44, 40C46
Digital Chrono-Alarm 40C45
Calendar Hand Display 45C03, 45C04, 45C05, 98C44